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Okay Humans is a new talk therapy experience with the vision to heal humanity by prioritizing emotional wellness. The brainchild of Co-Founder, CEO & LMFT, Christy Desai, Okay Humans is on a mission to make face-to-face talk therapy more affordable and accessible, and to take the stigma away from seeking help. With easy-to-search therapist bios, a revolutionary app-based session booking and payment platform, in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits, and a warm and inviting modern environment, it’s the best way to take care of your emotional wellness. To read our company values, click here.
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After unsuccessfully trying to outrun the stress of life, I finally looked for a therapist in hopes of catching my breath. What started as “3-5 sessions” turned into years of deep inner work. Work I didn't even know I needed. And it freed me! I learned how to be okay with conflict, curveballs, and growth, just to name a few things. My own experience turned into a personal mission to help other people feel better, stronger, and more alive.
There’s no reason why talking to a trained professional shouldn’t be as acceptable as going to the dentist, the hair salon, or seeking out a personal trainer. I started Okay Humans to normalize seeking support, to rethink the outdated therapy model, and to open up the conversation about getting to okay. Let’s talk!
Co-Founder, CEO & LMFT
Okay Humans is co-founded by the masterminds behind Drybar and Squeeze. Boasting a combined 100+ years of launching and operating experience-driven, customer-obsessed brands, the multifaceted team has their sights set on changing the way people experience retail across categories – and more importantly – leaving their mark on people’s lives, and the world, for good.
With this goal in mind, The Feel Good Company was born.
TFGCo, for short, is a collective of wellness brands, each unique in their core offering, dedicated to bettering the mind, body, and soul of its customers and team members.

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